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    What is durable polyester fabric
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    It is estimated that more than 80% of people have seen the name of durable polyester fabric, but they are not sure what kind of fabric it is. First, because most clothes and trousers are made of durable polyester fabric, it is very common. Because the name looks tall, many people don't know that this material is actually polyester. Let's see what this material is and how to distinguish it?

    What is durable polyester fabric

    Does durable polyester fabric have any history of origin? About the name: polyester fiber was invented in 1941 and first developed by J.R. Winfield and j.t. Dixon in Britain. At that time, it was called polyester fibre. So far, polyester fiber is the largest synthetic fiber in the world.

    How are polyester fibers combined? A general term for fibers made from polyester produced by polycondensation of a variety of diols and aromatic dicarboxylic acids or their esters.

    How is polyester made? Raw materials mainly come from oil cracking, coal and natural gas can also be obtained. The heating and fission of petroleum produces toluene, xylene and ethylene. After processing, terephthalic acid or dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol are obtained, and then polyester fiber is obtained.

    What are the uses of polyester fiber? Polyester fiber has a wide range of uses. It can be blended and interwoven with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp and other chemical fibers. It can produce wool like, cotton like, silk like and hemp like fabrics with many colors, scratch, easy to wash, easy to dry, not easy to wrinkle and wash, and good wearability at a low cost. Men's and women's shirts, coats, children's clothing, interior fabrics and carpets may contain polyester. Durable polyester fabric has good elasticity and can also be used as cotton wadding. In industry, durable polyester fabrics can be used as fishing nets, cables, conveyor belts, fire water pipes, tire cords, blankets and so on. It can also be used for cloth for pharmaceutical industry, interior decoration, carpet bottom cloth, floc, etc.

    How to identify polyester fiber in clothes? 

    1. According to national industry standards, the composition and content of fabric must be indicated on the washing label or collar label of all clothes. So when we buy clothes, we can ask to see or check the collar label or washing label of the clothes. You can directly check whether it contains polyester fiber and the proportion of ingredients. 

    2. Clothes containing polyester fiber, such as pants, are the butt position where the stool often rubs with the stool. After wearing for a long time, the corresponding position of the pants will have obvious luster. This is because the polyester fiber fabric is easy to form a smooth surface after friction, and the pants will look ugly. Because the butt position will have luster and affect the beauty. 

    3. Clothes containing polyester fiber, When wearing in winter, static electricity will be easily generated by friction with the body or clothes.

    4. Clothes containing polyester fiber will feel cold in winter. It feels warm in summer. This is caused by the low moisture absorption and poor hydrophilicity of polyester fiber

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of durable polyester fabric? 

    Advantages: it mainly has high strength and good elastic recovery ability, so it is durable and wrinkle resistant. The second is better light resistance, slightly inferior to acrylic fiber, but its sun resistance is better. 

    Disadvantages: poor moisture absorption, poor water absorption and anti fusibility, easy to absorb dust; The air permeability is poor and airtight. It will feel stuffy in summer.