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    New Trends of Colorful Outdoor Fabric
     Oct 26, 2021|View:155

    At a time when resources are becoming increasingly scarce, more and more young people begin to make efforts to reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, colorful outdoor fabric integrating scientific and technological functional characteristics of pragmatic fashion in the future are also gradually emerging. Therefore, new functional fabrics such as tear proof, antibacterial, waterproof and reflective have become the trend in autumn and winter of 21 / 22. The coexistence of fashion and scientific and technological functions endows the cotton down jacket with new charm and added value.

    New Trends of Colorful Outdoor Fabric

    1. Vinyl waterproof reflective colorful outdoor fabric

    Vinyl, which comes from the future trend fabric, is a new type of composite material. Its composition is amorphous structure. It is blended with all kinds of polyester and chemical fiber to produce a distinctive tide flu fabric, which not only has a very excellent waterproof effect. At the same time, the material surface shows a strong reflective and colorful effect, which meets the unique personality of the young generation and the strong demand of chasing the trend. It is also one of the main trend fabrics in autumn and winter 21 / 22 in the future.

    The composite coating with vinyl composition has waterproof performance, and the fashionable color and surface texture perfectly match the trend of functional protection in autumn and winter 21 / 22. The types and color sense of fabrics are rich and diverse. Oil film reflection, tin foil metal, colorful rainbow light, holographic streamer, etc. create light aesthetic fabrics with both fashion and sense of science and technology.

    Style recommendation & show look

    Iceberg and vetements brands have successively launched the trend style of cotton down jacket. Not only does the colorful outdoor fabric have a sense of science and technology, but also full of personality. By combining the perfect application of windproof stand collar, metal zipper, rubber drawcord, letter webbing and vinyl waterproof performance, we can further upgrade the trend charm and future fashion attitude of women's cotton down jacket.

    2. Antibacterial copper ion protective colorful outdoor fabric

    The combination of trend culture and outdoor sports is the current mainstream trend. Fabrics with protective function of copper ion fiber have good antibacterial and insect proof effects, and belong to artificial antibacterial fiber. In recent years, it has been continuously applied in outdoor clothing, travel clothing, men's and women's cotton down clothing and other products. It is one of the most potential future scientific and technological fabrics.

    Copper ion antibacterial colorful outdoor fabric is a synthetic fiber extracted from inorganic active metal ions with antibacterial effect, which endows the fabric with excellent anti-virus, antibacterial and anti allergy effects. The fabric feels crisp and has good forming effect. It has been gradually applied in many outdoor sports brands and fashion products for men and women. Therefore, the fabric with antibacterial ingredients is one of the most concerned fabrics in autumn and winter 21 / 22.

    Antibacterial protective fabrics have been more and more used in down jacket and outdoor clothing. Off white, burberry and other brands have launched new concept products. The trend culture and brand-new design affect the millennials' recognition of the trend of future scientific and technological protective fabrics.

    3. N66 tear resistant lightweight colorful outdoor fabric

    With the continuous improvement of consumers' awareness of self-protection, light, thin and transparent technology fabrics have once again become one of the key fabrics in autumn and winter 21 / 22. Their warp and weft density is close. Recycled fibers extracted from waste and old articles and n66 American DuPont silk with high toughness have updated the traditional nylon fiber and PVC materials, Thus, the ordinary translucent breathable colorful outdoor fabric has been perfectly reshaped. Due to its strong tear resistance, it is also a good choice for men's and women's outdoor sportswear and science and technology cotton down jacket in the future.

    The light, thin and transparent functional fabric with n66 tissue fiber is double the performance of ordinary tear proof fabric because of its strong tear proof performance and soft hand feel. Through the unique weaving process, the fabric is fully endowed with stronger air permeability and tear resistance. It has been widely used and is perfect for the R & D and design of outdoor equipment and clothing such as cotton clothes and down jacket.

    The design of tear proof fabric combined with fashion trend has sprung up rapidly, which not only increases the purchase highlights, but also meets the needs of consumers for fashion functional products. The new silhouette makes the fashion sense of men's and women's cotton down jacket fully loved and sought after by fashion people. Letter ribbon, color contrast splicing, high waist and other fashionable designs enhance the appearance charm of tear proof functional men's and women's cotton down jacket.

    Men's and women's cotton down colorful outdoor fabric with scientific and technological protection have entered our life, which has improved our self-protection awareness. Many fabric enterprises and trend brands at home and abroad have also perfectly perceived the arrival of this trend, and have launched a large number of scientific and technological functional fabrics used in cotton down.