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    The Advantages of Polyester Oxford Cloth
     Aug 25, 2021|View:266

    Polyester oxford cloth is commonly known as Oxford spinning. There are many kinds of this kind of fabric and its use is also very common. Polyester oxford cloth originated in England and was named after the University of Oxford in England. Its common types are jacquard, full set and set grid. The raw materials of polyester oxford cloth on the market today are mainly polyester, and some will be applied to nylon.

    The Advantages of Polyester Oxford Cloth

    Oxford cotton is light and light in texture and soft in hand. It is mostly interwoven with polyester polyester cotton blended yarn and cotton yarn. It adopts weft double flat or square flat organization. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying, soft feel, good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing. It looks like dyed fabric. It is named because the earliest student uniform shirt of Oxford University used this kind of cotton fabric. At the same time, it also has good waterproof performance, and the durability of the fabric is also very strong. It is suitable for all kinds of bags.


    The waterproof polyester oxford cloth itself has no shortcomings. The poor quality polyester oxford cloth doesn't feel so good. Polyester oxford cloth also has great advantages in price. The price of 1m polyester oxford cloth is generally between a few pieces and more than a dozen pieces. polyester oxford cloth is widely used and can be made into baby straps, fences, simple wardrobe, backpacks, handbags, etc.

    What are the specifications of polyester oxford cloth? Such as 1680D, 1200D, 900D, 600D, 420D, 300D, 210D, 150D and other polyester oxford cloth. Functional classification of polyester oxford cloth: flame retardant polyester oxford cloth, waterproof polyester oxford cloth, PVC polyester oxford cloth, Pu polyester oxford cloth, camouflage polyester oxford cloth, fluorescent polyester oxford cloth, printed polyester oxford cloth, composite polyester oxford cloth, etc.